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Communications Simulator System

The Maverick Recording CS100 Communications Simulator System was designed to meet the specifications established by the U.S. Forest Service San Dimas Technology & Development Center for use with their Fire/Incident Command Simulator.

The CS100 system allows students and multiple "role-players" to communicate on selectable channels. The role-players' transmission is combined with appropriate background sounds to simulate the environment from which they are broadcasting in the simulation.

Up to 48 different customizable background sounds can be digitally stored in the system for immediate recall by the role-players (8 sounds on each role-player station).

New custom background sound files can be created and loaded to the CS100 by the system operator from a connected PC via the CS100 PC Interface Software provided with the system.

For more details, download the CS100 Setup and Operation Manual. For additional downloadable CS100 background sounds see Downloadable Background Sounds, and see CS100 Software Updates for future updates to the CS100PC Interface Software.

You can contact us if you have any further questions regarding the CS100 system.