CS100PC Interface Software Download

The CS100PC Interface software is used for loading custom background sounds to the CS100 from a PC. The CS100 system is shipped with a CD containing the CS100PC software, so you may already have a version of this software installed on your PC.

Check the Version Number of the software that you already have and compare it to the version available for download below. If you start up your CS100PC Interface Software, you should find the version number just to the left of the "OPEN File to Buff" button.If your current version is older or you believe your current version is corrupted, then you may wish to download a newer version.

CS100PC Version 1.05
Description = Initial Release Version
Installation file = cs100pc_1_05.exe
File size = 2.0 MB

Download the cs100pc_1_05.exe installation file to your desktop, then double-click on it to install the CS100PC software. Note that this is a relatively large file (2 MB) so it may take some time to download depending on the speed of your connection.

cs100pc_1_05.exe (2.0 MB)

NOTE: Use your Right Mouse Button to click the DOWNLOAD NOW button above, then from the pop-up menu select Save Target As... (or Save Link As...) to direct your browser to save the downloaded installation file to your desktop. Otherwise your system may attempt to execute the installation program immediately, which may not be what you desire.