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Origin of the Name

Chimp Astronaut ImageThroughout history, man has utilized various animals in an attempt to determine the effects of extreme conditions on living organisms and then to apply that knowledge toward the advancement of humans. In the early days of the space program, a variety of Test Animals for Research and Development (sometimes labeled as a "TARD") were sent into space, pioneering the way for the human astronauts that would follow. They sent mouse TARDs, rat TARDs, monkey TARDs, even dog TARDs, and perhaps the most notorious of these early astronauts - the chimpanzee TARDs. But as valuable as these non-human TARDs were to the program, eventually it became necessary for human test pilots to step in. These human TARDs were individuals who voluntarily accepted the risks, testing the limits of the human body for the advancement of science.

Test Dummy ImageIn modern times, by utilizing high-tech sensors in test dummies and modern technologies such as robotics and virtual-reality, we are able to greatly reduce the necessity for putting lives at risk. However, the various primate test pilots of the past have evolved into present-day individuals who still feel the need to put themselves in danger - if not for the advancement of science, then just to satisfy some inner urge to test the limits of their own human body. These modern-day TARDs are constantly seeking new challenges that others might view as extremely hazardous.

Today, "TARD" is often used to refer to anyone who is repeatedly performing acts that seem to lack reasonable judgment or forethought. You know who you are! You are continually healing up from your latest attempt at some new stunt. Some call you crazy, some call you stupid, some may just call you a "slow learner"... but you know you're just a TARD ... and proud of it!

... and then there was TARDwear

TARDwear originated in Southern California - one of the world's hotspots for extreme sports. With the popularity of testing one's physical limits, we felt the time was right to introduce the classic TARD logo to this new generation of "test animals". Among other things, TARDwear offers the one piece of gear that is essential to virtually any type of activity ... a durable yet comfortable high quality T-shirt bearing the classic TARD logo.


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