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Photoshop Coloring Template Download

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Use the download link below to download the template to be used to design your plane's color patterns. This is a fairly large (4.5 MB) Adobe Photoshop document which may take awhile to download and requires the Adobe Photoshop application to open it.

Click HERE to Download Photoshop Coloring Template


Main Gallery - Example Renders
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Blue-White-Silver Aluminum

Blue and Red "sbo"

Green and Gold Mountain

Green and Gold Zigzag

Blue and Gold Zigzag

Turquoise and Grey

Turquoise Angles

Red and Tan

Red and White version 3

Turquoise, Black and White version 2

Red and White version 2

Turquoise, Black and White

Red and White

Red, Black and White

Orange and Teal on White

Red, White and Blue

Basic Yellow

Check back later. I will try to post more example renders in the future.