Dave Jennings QTVR Examples

The following are links to a variety of Quicktime Virtual Reality panorama samples captured or created by Dave Jennings. These are not necessarily intended to be "good" examples. Included here are several QTVR panoramas of Hawaii and other locations, which require Apple's Quicktime Player 7 for viewing. Note that they will no longer function properly with the NEWER version of Quicktime that may be installed on your browser, so you may need to download the OLD Quicktime Player 7 and use it to play them. Quicktime Player 7 is a free download available from Apple in versions for both the Mac and Windows machines.


QuickTime Virtual Reality Panoramas

Click on the links below to download a QTVR panorama.

Scenes from Hawaii

Hapuna Beach, The Big Island, Hawaii = 227K

Hookena south of Honaunau, The Big Island, Hawaii = 227K

Kanaloa at Kona room 2505, The Big Island, Hawaii = 364K

Kilauea Point Lighthouse, Kauai, Hawaii = 210K

Kilauea Volcano Crater, The Big Island, Hawaii = 337K

Pihea Trail Lookout, Kauai, Hawaii = 256K

Polihale Beach, Kauai, Hawaii = 183K

Punaluu Black Sand Beach, The Big Island, Hawaii = 272K

Waipio Valley - The Big Island - Hawaii = 268K

Other Natural Scenes

Mount Shasta Summit 14,162 ft., California = 89K

Mount Eddy Summit 9,037 ft., California = 280K

Computer Generated Scenes

Seabase Landing Pad and Personnel Transport Craft = 176K